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4 Seasons Toy and Mini Aussies and Puppies

About Us

~ Welcome To  4 Seasons ~

Home of your top quality Toy & Miniature Australian Shepherds





Thank-you for taking the time to browse our website and learn a little more about who we are. On this page you will get a first hand look at our mission, what stemmed our love for the breed, find out about who we are as a breeder and learn how we got started raising such an incredible breed of dog. Our goal is to provide our puppy buyers with happy, healthy and well-socialized pups. We are able to do this by health testing our parent dogs to make sure they are sound, healthy and capable of providing the best quality puppy for our new buyer(s).  


Don't forget to check out our Facebook Page and finish browsing our website! And as always, be sure to let us know if we can answer any questions!


Thank you for looking and we hope you enjoy our site!


~ Yours Truly, Nick and John ~

4 Seasons Toy and Mini Aussies

Our Mission ...

     We are a small hobby breeder located in the rural town of Farwell, MI. Within our program, we raise only a couple litters of toy and miniture Australian Shepherds each year. In doing so, we strive to produce the best quality pups/dogs that we can. We focus a great deal on the Australian Shepherd Breed Standard and are always trying to better the breed with every litter of pups we produce! Our goal is to not focus on quantity of litters rather put our focus on the quality of the litters we have. Our dogs are all part of our family! Therefore, all of our dogs live inside our home with us and are our pets before anything. All of our puppies are raised inside with our family allowing them to leave for thier forever homes well socialized, happy and healthy. Our pups are started on litter box training, basic commands, exposure to a leash and started on crate training prior to leaving at eight weeks of age. We keep each and every one of our pups in our home until they are at least eight weeks of age before they can be released to their forever homes. All of our dogs are registered with the American Stock Dog Registry ( ASDR ) and/or American Kennel Club ( AKC ).

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Our love for the breed ...

  We have always had a knack for the Australian Shepherd breed because of their brains, beauty and intelligence. Sometimes they are too smart for their own good! We truly enjoy and appreciate so many qualities about this breed. Their love, passion, desire to work, want to please and energy are just some of the qualities this breed possess that we love so much! It's an amazing feeling to come home from a long day of work and have them all sitting there waiting for us to come in the door. They are definitely devoted to their owners and extremely loyal. Truly a "man’s best friend!" Oh, and did we forget to mention - once you get one Australian Shepherd it's hard to not get another and another...

Nick's Bio

Raised in Clare County which is located in central Michigan, Nicholas was involved with many different large and small animals from a very young age. As an active member in 4H he has raised, shown and marketed numerous small and large breeds of animals where he obtained numerous trophies and awards. He was an active youth mentor, President of his club, and a key contributor to the State Quiz Bowl team for his county. He has a Bachelors degree from Central Michigan University dual majoring in Accounting and Finance, with a minor in Legal Studies.

John's Bio

Raised in Saginaw County which is located in Mid-Michigan, Johns exposure to animals as a child was mostly limited to domesticated cats and dogs as family pets. The limited exposure did not deter Johns fascination with other animals and his family and friends growing up said “I guarantee he will have a farm someday”. He has a Bachelors degree from Northwood University dual majoring in Marketing and Management as well as a Masters degree from DeVos Graduate School at Northwood University in Business Administration (MBA).

Blue Merle Australian Shepherd

Where it all began ...

  Growing up attending county & state fairs, riding horses at the stable and

living in the country - Nick was always around Australian Shepherds and this is

where it all began. That is his love for the breed! He loved watching the breeds

willingness to please, protect, and be extremely loyal to their owners. He loved

their energy level, their drive and their velcro personality; never straying far

from their master. With getting my very first dog at a young age, as a rescue

dog, I had set my mind up that when something happened to her I would start

the search for my very own Australian Shepherd. This was going to be my next



Just getting ready to start my sophmore year of college, I felt that I was ready

to get my very first Australian Shepherd. But I knew that before I began my search for my new pup that a standard aussie was probably not the most practical for the space I had to allow my new companion to exercise in while I was in class. So with a little research I came across the toy and miniature size variety of Australian Shepherds and instantly fell in love.


From there on out I have been hooked on this magnificent breed of dog and been so thankful to still have Zip here with me as he's been one of the best dogs a person could ask for! 

Via Phone or E-mail


P.O. Box 8

Farwell, MI  48622

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Nick:  (989) 824 - 2300

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